Click Here for a Summary of PRJ ICD-10 Methodologies

PRJ Healthcare helps healthcare organizations achieve a higher standard of excellence and cost-effectiveness. We provide the expertise and execution capability to manage required changes in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the organization and that achieves optimal results for all stakeholders.

PRJ Healthcare helps businesses identify and address their organizational and process challenges and opportunities. We match our professionals' capabilities with the culture, environment, and knowledge base of your organization and those it serves. By building effective relationships with your key people we help solve problems and instill knowledge that supports your organization’s capability to operate in new ways.

PRJ Healthcare hires only seasoned experts who each bring a “best practices” orientation and personal pride to their work. Like large consulting firms, we use standard project management methodologies. However, we go farther by applying them with creativity and tailoring them to the requirements of each project. Experience and attention to detail make the difference between a project that is simply completed and a successful project. Engaging stakeholders in creating a successful outcome is also a key principle we follow.

PRJ Healthcare uses the proprietary icdcomplete application, an exceptional toolkit for ICD-10 conversions developed by Jvion, LLC. The tool kit includes conversion tools, reimbursement analyzers, and claims denial analyzers. This makes ICD-10 conversion quicker, more accurate, and more thorough and reduces implementation costs by up to 30%. In addition to the technical issues that impact the IT organization, PRJ will consider the broader issues that will impact the entire spectrum of patient care and finances.