Our Key People - Partners

Our Key People

Patrick Murray, founder of PRJ Healthcare, Inc.

Patrick has over 28 years of full project life cycle implementation experience. He is a Certified Project Manager and holds a Green Belt in Six Sigma. He has successfully managed 30+ Healthcare implementation/upgrade projects and is well versed on deriving solutions for the ICD-10 impacts hospitals are facing today. He has been a Senior Delivery Director for several major software companies and has overseen hundreds of software projects to completion. With Patrick’s extensive Healthcare background, he has been instrumental in identifying clear, logical and proven methods in strategizing and advising successful ICD-10 methodologies for affected hospitals.

Jeff Lipis, founder of PRJ Healthcare, Inc.

Over the past 15 years, Jeff has earned a reputation as a leading IT/Healthcare professional by building lasting relationships and delivering outstanding results to his clients. His integrity, insight and vision have helped raise the bar in the ERP/Healthcare industry. Jeff has positioned PRJ Healthcare as a consultative partner to organizations in healthcare and related industries. He consistently serves as a problem-solver to clients and consultants. He started his career with Medtronic, a leading healthcare devices manufacturer. He has owned and operated several companies that provided consulting and recruiting services to healthcare organizations. Jeff holds a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

Harry F. Swope, MBA, ND

Prior to entering the health-care field, Dr. Swope had an extensive career in corporate finance and information systems that included being Director of Corporate Systems Development in "Fortune 500" companies and partner in a company that did claims rebilling and revenue recovery for many major large urban hospitals. He has also been the Senior Project Manager for change management for ERP systems implementations at two major financial institutions. Most recently, Dr. Swope has been involved in helping a major hospital group in southern California do quality assurance for their ICD-10 conversion. Dr. Swope holds an MBA from the Darden School of The University of Virginia, and a BA, with distinction, in economics from The University of Virginia. Between those years, he was an officer on active duty with the US Navy.

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Jvion is a technology startup providing healthcare compliance solutions. Its comprehensive software suite called icdcomplete suite is built towards empowering healthcare organizations and system integrators to navigate the ICD journey in an extremely efficient manner. More information at www.jvion.com
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