Our mission is to provide our healthcare clients with qualified experts in technology and change management to support their evolving information technology needs.

We provide:

-         Assessment of Requirements

-         Conversion Tools

-         Training and Documentation

-         Reimbursement Simulations

-         Claims Denial Analysis

-         “Systems Neutralizer” for Legacy Systems

-         Quality Assurance

-         Implementation Planning and Support

-         Project Management and Change Management

-         Process Reengineering

-         Audit Protection and HIPPA/SOX Compliance

We will work with you to understand your business strategies, unique needs, and unique requirements. We apply our methodologies, best practices, and expertise to help you achieve cost-effective, high quality solutions to support changes to your business processes and strategic direction.

Our current focus is supporting hospitals, physician groups, and other providers in implementing ICD-10 and electronic transactions Version 5010 – with all the aspects of change management that this will require.

PRJ Healthcare, Inc. is a certified minority owned and small business organization.