The conversion to ICD-10 coding will impact not only IT systems and provider reimbursements but how, where, and when patient care information is captured.

Our Service Offerings Include:

Assessment of Requirements

-         Business impacts, system impacts, organizational impacts, remediation requirements

Conversion Toolset – “icdcomplete” ®
Toolset and Questionnaire Library

-         Coding Crosswalks – Department specific

-         Iterative Functionality – Allows updating decisions as more information is learned

-         Systems Neutralizer – Tool used as a backup when systems cannot be converted in time.

Training and Documentation

-         Baseline Training – “Champions” for various groups will need to initiate change

-         Specific Training – Training custom tailored by departments and roles

-         Documentation – Rule documentation used for conversion mappings


Reimbursement Simulations

-         Reimbursement projections for alternative choices of ICD-10 mappings

Claims Denial Analysis

-         Enhancing analysis of denials related to ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure coding

Implementation Planning and Support

-         Test planning, test scripts, test analysis – including payer and vendor testing



Quality Assurance

-         Ensuring thorough analysis of conversion requirements

Project Management and Change Management

-         Ensuring stakeholders are committed to the success of the project

-         Change Management documentation and User Guides

Process Reengineering

-         Identifying systems, reports, etc. to replace or retire – rather than convert

-         Updating processes and workflows to respond to challenges and opportunities